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Bubba Watson's half-court shot at the Orlando Magic game defied the laws of physics

March 29, 2016

Bubba Watson suffered the worst lipout of his life on Tuesday. And it came on a basketball court.

Watson, who is enjoying a week off before heading to the Masters, got the chance to attempt a half-court shot during his hometown Orlando Magic's game against the Brooklyn Nets. And he pulled off some (bad) magic of his own with an attempt that seemed to defy the laws of physics. Check it out:

How is that possible?! We had to watch the video about 20 times to believe it. Sticking a long-distance shot on the course is ideal, but on the rim? Not so much. At least, Watson got to see the Magic win a blowout -- and he got a hug from the team's mascot:


Later, Bubba retweeted the video, and he seemed surprisingly at peace with such a disappointing result:

Then again, he'd rather save all his good breaks for next week.