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Brooks Koepka learned his lesson: Don't trash talk Michael Jordan at clutch time


Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

ESPN’s documentary, “The Last Dance,” on Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls has delivered a trove of fun and insightful stories. His competitiveness—and love of golf, of course—are well documented and have been prevalent elements throughout the series.

Which brings us to one particularly memorable round that Brooks Koepka played with his Airness in South Florida. Appearing on Monday night’s edition of “SportsCenter” with Scott Van Pelt, the four-time major champion recounted the day.

“I was 1 up going to 17 tee,” Koepka said. “We’d been jawing all day and we have like a 40-yard walk back to the 17th tee and he hasn’t said much the last couple of holes. I said something like, ‘I’ve got you right where I want you.’”

Or not. Koepka quickly learned that it’s best not to trash talk Jordan, no matter the playing surface.

“He just tees the ball up, takes his practice swing and looks at me. ‘It’s the fourth quarter, baby, I don’t lose,’” Koepka recalled.

You can guess what happened next.

Jordan went on to win the 17th and 18th holes and won the match, according to Koepka.

Lesson learned.

“It’s probably the last time I’ve smack-talked him,” Koepka said. “I have not played him since, but hopefully we’ll tee it up again soon.”