Bill Gates has no idea what things cost

February 21, 2018

Bill Gates seems like a nice guy. He's mild-mannered, extremely philanthropic, a voracious reader and big into Settlers of Catan. Basically, just like Ben Wyatt, only if Ben Wyatt was worth $91 billion. Unfortunately, even nice guys can be out of touch with reality, evidenced in the video below.

In an appearance on the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday morning, the Microsoft co-founder partook in a simple bit: guessing the cost of ordinary grocery items. In principle, a pitch that sounds utterly stupid. But in practice, boy, did it deliver:

I have no idea what type of pizza rolls Bill Gates consumes, but I'm guessing they're not worth $22. Social media is having a field day with Gates', ahem, performance, yet other tycoons would likely share these struggles. In fact, I'm all in favor of making this a segment for future presidential debates. Forget your stances on trade policies or the economy; I want a leader who feels my pain at the price of free-range chicken.