2016 Editors' Choice: Apparel
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Best Clubwear For Golfers

Consider a quality blue blazer as your next purchase. Why? It'll be the most versatile item you own. A blazer works well in any setting—weddings, funerals and any occasion at the golf club. Pair it with khakis, and you have a go-to look at all times. The key is coordinating the blazer or slacks with other elements, like a neck tie and a nice shirt, to either dress it up or make it progressively more casual with other items. The same pair of trousers can be pressed for a formal look or worn more casually with Ralph Lauren's classic, three-button blazer in an all-season weight fabric. The classic, double-vented design will impress on the veranda. Why Ralph Lauren among the hundreds of other choices? It's like Karsten Solheim's original Ping Anser blade putter: The design of this classic is the model.

Just like the jacket, a pair of AG Green Label khakis, which are casual and comfortable, can be dressed up with a blazer. With AG Green Label, you're getting quality workmanship and fabrics. The pants might cost more, but that's because of the higher-priced piece goods used and the quality of manufacturing. These will be a longer-lasting product. AG Green Label hasn't been around as long as Ralph Lauren, but there is a distinctive quality that sets it apart. How do you know you're getting a quality pair of khakis? Turn them inside out and take a look at the guts. The needlework will be precise. Again, consider this an investment. You might pay a higher premium for this blazer and khakis, but you'll have a look to be proud of for a longer time.

Blue blazer: Ralph Lauren, $895
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Khakis: AG Green Label, $168
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