Netflix Cup

Comedian tackles protestor on first tee at Netflix Cup, in case you were wondering just how chaotic this event was

November 15, 2023

From the few clips we've seen of the Netflix Cup on social media (likely the entire point of the event: viral clips), it appeared to be an utterly chaotic mess that had Ben Hogan rolling over in his grave. And the absurdity began long before a shot was even struck by any of the competitors.

That's the beauty of live sports, though. Anything could happen at any moment, including a protestor running onto the first tee to protest ... well, we don't know. Because the sign she was holding was still yet to be unfurled before popular comedian Bert Kreischer tackled the protestor right in front of Rickie Fowler. A real sentence that I just typed in the year of our Lord 2023:

Here's an even closer look, where you can almost make out what's on this lady's sign before she gets crunched:

"F1: CUT TIES WITH ..." after that, we can't figure out the rest of it. Why was Bert Kreishcer even there, you may be asking? He was on the call for the event, along with Marshawn Lynch and Joel Dahmen. Dahmen did the best job he could calling the high-octane affair:

This was certainly something. No one is disputing that.