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Apparently EVERYONE is enjoying the delicious milkshakes at Muirfield Village this week

Muirfield Milkshakes 2.png

The Memorial doesn't need much to attract players to Dublin; for most, an invite to Jack Nicklaus' event is an honor in itself.

But there's a cherry on top for PGA Tour players this week: The Muirfield Village milkshake.

Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, Smylie Kaufman and Bud Cauley have all snapped photos of the course's frosty treat, some of them numerous times. It might mean an extra trip to the fitness shed, but it's certainly worth it for the glorious mixture of Hershey's syrup, peanut butter and vanilla ice cream.

Take a look:

Muirfield Milkshakes 3.png

The milkshakes are served in the men's grill room and can be ordered in a couple flavors. The boys seem to be eating the standard one.

Obviously, Jack is known for his love of ice cream. He even has his own brand.

When David Lingmerth won the Memorial last year, he and Jack celebrated by having milkshakes. That sounds like a treat to us.