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An alternative, no-impact way to activate your golf muscles

August 21, 2015

Remember when you were a kid, and you couldn’t wait to get on a swing set? You’d push your legs and thrust your body to see how high you could go. It was fun, right?

That’s how I felt when I tried the TotalWave Fitness System. Except this time, I actually worked up a sweat and had a good workout.

The device, brought to you by pro surfer Laird Hamilton (GolfBoard, anyone?) and fitness icon Gabrielle Reece, is designed to help you move in different planes, learn to shift your weight for better balance and provide a low-impact workout. The sled weighs about 50 pounds and moves on two parallel bars arched that help you glide and “swing” back and forth.

Watch the video to see a couple of solid moves Gabrielle showed me that golfers can do on the TotalWave machine. (She also pointed out a common fault in my posture. Thanks, Gabby!)

Is this a cure-all machine that will magically make you a single-digit handicap ? No. But it’s a great, no-impact addition that will only help you improve your balance and core strength.

As a bonus, you will literally feel like a kid on the playground swings. Which, while doing a “workout,” isn’t a bad thing.