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All-Star third baseman Josh Donaldson has the same warm up routine as Miguel Angel Jimenez

April 07, 2015

At Opening Day yesterday afternoon, Donaldson was spotted gyrating his knees (for long enough to tell he knew what he was doing) in front of the visiting dugout at a packed Yankee Stadium, before the start of what ended as a 6-1 Blue Jays victory. It's definitely not something you just pull out in your repertoire for the first time in front of 96,938 eyeballs.


Rumor has it he even learned he'd been acquired by the Blue Jays while watching Golf Channel. A network on which he made an appearance, where he told the audience he's been playing since age 3 and actually goes to the driving range to work on and add rhythm to his baseball swing, whenever he happens to be in a wooden-bat slump.