A tour pro's short-game checklist: Control your wedges without relying on feel

March 31, 2020

J.D. Cuban

I know you'd rather spend your range time bombing drivers than working on your short game, so asking you to hit accurate pitch shots based on feel developed over hours and hours of practice is a little unrealistic.

So how do you improve your pitching without the reps? Swing at the same speed no matter how far you are from the hole. To alter carry distance and roll, just change how much you open the face of the club at address and how far you take the club back. Shorter backswings produce shorter pitches, and the more you open the face, the higher the ball will fly and the less it will roll.

I’ve found that swinging at the same speed removes some major guesswork—touch—out of these shots. Just set up a little open at address, and make a swing back and through where the club is propelled by your body rotation, not your arms. —WITH RON KASPRISKE