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This highlight video of Jordan Spieth talking to his golf ball at the Masters is priceless

One of the most entertaing parts of the Masters this year? Jordan Spieth talking to his ball. Hands down. It was must-listen TV. Even if you never listen to a golf telecast with sound, you had to turn the volume up. Listening to Jordan Spieth conversations with his ball while it was in the air, then to his caddie after his shot, was more compelling audio than Jim Nantz.

You can re-live all the times Spieth talked to his ball during the final round in this video.

Our favorites? On 16 when he's begging the ball to "bite...softly. SOFT!" Then on 17, too, repeating "softly" has the potential to catch on among all golfers. And his approaches on 13 and 15 were crucial moments with equally good convos with his Titleist.

(h/t @ShaneBacon)