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7 things we learned from Anthony Kim's interview

September 30, 2015

Remember Anthony Kim? Of course you do. Every golf fan does. Well, AK, after more than three years of pretty much being MIA finally did an interview with the AP's Doug Ferguson. Here are five things we learned.

1) Anthony Kim is alive

We figured he was through various random sightings through the years, but it's always good to confirm. Although you might be surprised to learn that the once future of golf (Before Rory, Jordan, Jason and Rickie) is now 30. Time flies when you're having. . . eh, what has AK been up to anyway?

2) Anthony Kim has not been playing a lot of golf

Kim said he hasn't played a full round of golf in 18 months. He spends a lot of his time in physical therapy. He's also a big investor in a Dallas-based business, Quality Metrics Partners, which provides service help in the healthcare industry. AK sounds closer to going for his MBA than his PGA Tour card.

3) Anthony Kim is more injured than anyone thought

Kim said he injured himself in his last PGA Tour start, the 2012 Wells Fargo Championship, where he withdrew after an opening 74. He was planning to return to the tour in 2013 (he can still play on a major medical exemption), but his Achilles tendon popped and that led to a series of more ailments and surgeries. "I'm going to step away from the game for a little while and get my body pieced together," Kim said. "Instead of going from an Achilles injury to try to go 180 mph and not fixing the problem . . . I've got so much ground to make up from injuries -- rotator cuff, labrum, spinal fusion, hand injury. I've had six or seven surgeries in the last three-and-a-half years."



4) Anthony Kim is sick of hearing the rumors about him

Most notably, that he left the tour because of failed drug tests. "I've never tested positive for anything since I've been on the PGA Tour whenever the drug testing started. Never," Kim said. "And they tested me more than anyone."

"These rumors tainted my reputation," he added, "and I didn't have a great one to begin with."

In other words, Kim knows many people never approved of his party lifestyle -- but he's not apologizing.

"If you don't like the way I live, change the channel. You're the one who tuned in here," Kim said. "A lot of the golf public may not appreciate the way I live, which is by my own rules. But I give everyone respect. I'm not rude to anyone. And I treat everyone the same."

5) Anthony Kim has been watching a lot of golf

"I've been watching more and more," Kim said. "I miss the competition a little bit. Watching these young guys like Jordan Spieth is bringing me back to watch."

And he's impressed by what he's seen.

"What Spieth and (Jason) Day did this year was ridiculous," Kim said. "I'm not going to compete with those boys unless I'm healthy. I'm not playing with 11 clubs. My goal right now for the next year is to get healthy. At this point, I'm happy where I'm at where I'm headed."

6) Anthony Kim isn't retiring to collect on an insurance policy

Kim says this report about him isn't true, although he admits to be getting monthly payments from his insurance company for his various injuries. "I paid well into the mid-six figures for the policy," he said. "They wouldn't have paid me every month had I not been to the doctors, showing them all my X-rays, doing all the treatment, the acupuncture, twice a day for physical therapy." Kim says he's committed to making another run at the PGA Tour. That being said. . .

7) Anthony Kim could be done with pro golf

Kim referred to golf as a "fond memory," and when asked if he'd already played his final PGA Tour round, Kim, according to Ferguson, chuckled and said, "Anything is possible. Isn't that what the slogan says?" Yes, it is, AK, but we really hope that's not the case.