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11 golf Instagram accounts you aren't following (but should be)

Your Instagram feed needs more punch. More golf punch, that is. These 11 accounts will deliver:

1. Tania Tare (@taniatare63): This trick-shot artist will inspire you to try more than just juggle.

2. Patrick Koenig (@pjkoenig): Follow Patrick on his travels as he photographs the most beautiful tracks in the world.

3. Anthony Taranto (@anthony.taranto): The wedges Anthony makes are INSANE and will cause serious #wedgeenvy.

4. Golf Gods (@golf_gods): Sometimes inappropriate; always hilarious. If there's a golf video floating around Instagram, chances are this handle is all over it.

5. Fore Play Pod (@foreplaypod): Fore Play Pod's Instagram bio says it's “by the common golfer, for the common golfer.” They'll be there for you if you want a good laugh.

6. Belen Mozo (@belenmozo): Her many workout videos will motivate you to get to the gym. And she offers a unique (and in-depth) look at what life's like on the LPGA Tour.

7. NoLayingUp (@nolayingup): These guys consistently offer a unique take on golf's most buzzworthy topics. And their #RoastMySwing series is priceless.

8. Jeff Flagg (@jdflagg): If this long-drive champ doesn't motivate you to break a sweat, you're a lost cause.

9. Trendy Golf USA (@trendygolf_usa): A go-to source for all-things golf fashion.

10. Ryan Rustand (@coach_rusty): Coach Rusty’s trick shot game is ridiculous. Trampolines and flips? Folks, do not try this at home.

11. Shane Bacon (@shanebacon): As a reporter who works for a variety of companies (FOX Sports, Topgolf, etc), Bacon travels to some of golf's coolest destinations and does a great job of bringing you along with him.