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Clampett brings Impact Zone Golf to DVD set

February 08, 2013

Bobby Clampett has made a study of golf swings in his long career as a PGA Tour and Champions Tour player, as well as a CBS broadcaster, and he has coalesced his knowledge into a belief that the area on which instruction ought to focus is the impact zone.

"There's not one golf instruction system that priortizes what the instructor should instruct the student on first to get the biggest bang for your buck," Clampett said at the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. "What we've found in all our tests and with all our instructors, when you focus on how to create impact like the best players in the game...people improve so much faster. They start hitting quality shots immediately and it also ends up fixing a multitude of style issues that they would have ended up trying to fix anyway, but they would have gone about it in a backwards fashion."

Clampett wrote a book, "The Impact Zone: Mastering Golf's Moment of Truth," that was published in 2007. His latest venture is a four DVD set, "The Impact Zone Training System," that is an extention of his book.

"People said, 'we love the book and we want more,'" Clampett said. "I started thinking about it, how would we structure this in a video series that would make a difference? How could a guy with a five handicap and a guy who's a 35 handicap benefit from the same video? I came up with a concept of educating them first. Even the five-handicapper doesn't know how pros create the impact. They don't know where the swing bottom is. We show some examples of how students can improve, real life examples."

The video series includes a segment from an actual clinic that Clampett gave, "a half-day golf school with 12 people," he said. "This is all live footage, none of it scripted. We made an actual video out of it, to watch people's faces. Right across the board, the success rate, all of them improved dramatically. They started to figure it out themselves."

The DVD set can be purchased through Clampett's website, The cost is $79.97 in digital format and $89.98 for a hard copy.