Titleist Velocity

Hot List Silver 2023

Since its debut, Titleist’s Velocity has made it clear this ball is for those seeking one thing: as many yards as possible off the tee and the ability to puff out your chest for hitting less club into the green than your opponent. To achieve this, the company made a change to a higher-compression, 1.55-inch core to give the ball more speed.

However, changing performance traits always has consequences. If one part is altered, it affects other areas. That’s why an adjustment to the cover was needed. Although the 350-dimple pattern (made to foster a high trajectory) stays the same, the reformulated ionomer cover is designed to make sure spin doesn’t get too high on tee shots, which could offset or outweigh the distance gains golfers want.

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)


Performance: 4/5

Innovation: 4/5

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