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Swing Your Age

Master moves for the young and not-so-young

January 2013
Swing Your Age

Too often I see golfers trying to swing in a way that doesn't work with their physical capabilities. They end up never realizing their potential or, even worse, getting hurt. For the young, limber player, a body-driven swing is often the way to go. It involves swinging from the center outward, with the big muscles in the trunk and legs doing all the work. The preferred shot is often a fade. For the older player in search of more power, the draw usually works better. By focusing on the hands and arms and incorporating more lateral body movement in the swing, a less flexible golfer can become more of a free swinger, and that means more distance. Here I'll walk you through two model swing sequences: one for young, athletic types and one for older, less flexible golfers.

Swing Your Age



Younger players are able to make a big rotary swing, so the setup should accommodate that. They should feel as if the upper body is stacked vertically over the lower body, with very little tilt away from the target. A centered feeling at address will help the body stay centered during the backswing. Another good feeling is that the stomach is pulled inward; that helps create energy in the core.
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