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A collection of Golf Digest and Golf World editors and writers using Twitter

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Dan Jenkins, Golf Digest Writer-at-Large
Ron Sirak, Golf World Executive Editor
Tim Rosaforte, Golf Digest Senior Writer
Max Adler, Golf Digest Staff Writer
Brett Avery, Golf World Contributing Writer
Craig Bestrom, Editorial Development Director
Liz Bergren, Senior Producer
Jaime Diaz, Golf World Editor-In-Chief
Meg D'Incecco, Golf Digest Public Relations
Derek Evers, Assistant Editor
Bill Fields, Golf World Senior Editor
Peter Finch, Golf Digest Senior Editor
Marty Hackel, Golf Digest Fashion Editor
Stephen Hennessey, Golf Digest Assistant Editor
Ryan Herrington, Golf World Senior Writer
John Huggan, Golf Digest Contributing Editor
Christian Iooss, Director of Photography
E. Michael Johnson, Golf World Equipment Editor
Ron Kaspriske, The Digest Editor
Dave Kindred, Golf Digest Senior Writer
Ashley Mayo, Golf Digest Associate Editor
Brendan Mohler, Golf World Assistant Editor
Jim Moriarty, Golf World Writer
Peter Morrice, Golf Digest Instruction Editor
Tim Murphy, Golf World Managing Editor
Alex Myers, Associate Editor
Mike O'Malley, Golf Digest Executive Editor
Will Ober, Golf Digest Public Relations
Alan Pittman, Golf Digest Managing Editor
Matthew Rudy, Golf Digest Writer
Geoff Shackelford, Golf World Contributing Writer
Mike Stachura, Golf Digest Equipment Editor
Stina Sternberg, Golf Digest Senior Editor
Sam Weinman, Web Editor
Ron Whitten, Golf Digest Architecture Editor
Guy Yocom, Golf Digest Senior Writer

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