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Which Rules Do You Play By?

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HOLE 4: Just about everyone asked for or gave advice on this hole. Before his second shot, Matt asked Mike, "What am I, about 210, cutting off the angle?" Mike said, "That's about right." At the green, Sam asked Matt (who had just putted on a similar line), "Did that break left?" Matt responded, "Yes, it started to break left."
Violation: Rule 8-1

Matt hit his second shot into the water hazard. He tossed a ball down, underhanded, behind the hazard and "hockeyed" it into a nice lie, from which he played.
Violation: Rules 26-1, 20-2, 13-1, 18-2a

Steve missed a putt that Sam had conceded him, raked it back and tried it again, making it. This was one of the few times when failure to hole out was corrected before playing from the next tee. Still, Steve holed out from the wrong place.
Violation: Rules 18-2a, 20-7c

HOLE 5: Sam topped his tee shot on this par 3. When he got to his ball, he asked Steve, "How far do you think I am, about 100 yards?" Steve answered, "About 110."
Violation: Rule 8-1

At the green, Matt marked his ball on Steve's line by placing the toe of his putter beside the ball and placing a coin by the heel of the putter. When he went to replace the ball, he set the heel of the putter beside the coin, moved the coin to the toe of the putter, then placed the ball in front of the coin (the ball was now about a half-inch closer to the hole than its original position).
Violation: Rules 16-1b, 20-7b

HOLE 6: Just before Sam played his second shot, Mike told him to "Hit it 150 yards, straight at that bunker. That will leave you with a good angle to pitch to the hole."
Violation: Rule 8-1

Steve hit a line drive from the greenside bunker well over the green, up against a cartpath. Rather than lift and drop, he raked the ball away from the path about two feet toward the green, then played it.
Violation: Rules 24-2, 20-2, 18-2a, 20-7c

At the green, Mike messed up the mark, lift, clean and replace rule once again.
Violation: Rules 16-1b, 20-7b

Sam, trying to knock away his two-foot "gimme," inadvertently bounced the ball into the hole on the second hop!

HOLE 7: At the green, Mike placed a coin directly behind his ball, and without lifting or cleaning it, moved the ball to the side of the coin, from where he putted.

Sam putted to about two inches from the hole and then knocked it away.
Violation: Rules 16-1b, 20-7b, 3-2

HOLE 8: At the green, without marking its position, Sam rotated his ball to align the logo along his line. He missed, then picked up the 12-inch gimme. Mike, who hadn't been watching, asked, "Which way did that break?" Sam responded: "I don't know. I wasn't looking." Mike replaced his ball to the side of his coin (he had marked it behind the ball) and missed his putt.
Violation: Rules 18-2a, 3-2, 8-1, 16-1b, 20-7b

HOLE 9: Steve teed off from in front of the tee markers. He should have corrected the error by re-starting the hole from within the teeing ground, and adding two strokes to his score. Failure to do so is disqualification. In a match, there is no penalty. (The opponent can only require that the shot should be canceled and replayed from within the teeing ground.)
Violation: Rule 11-4b

Matt sliced his tee shot to the right, almost into a bunker on the first hole. Standing in the bunker, he had an awkward lie with the ball above his feet. He properly removed a twig from behind the ball, and also properly did not remove a pile of sand that was beneath the twig. He played a great shot to just short of the green.

Mike, to the right and short of the green in the rough, invoked what he called "the Club Preservation Rule." His ball was lying on some small, flat stones and he didn't want to ding up his wedge. So he moved the ball with the clubhead (instead of lifting and dropping it, under Rule 28, Ball Unplayable) and played from two feet away.
Violation: Rules 13-1, 18-2a

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