British Open

15 Undeniable Truths After The Open

July 2014
Rory McIlroy

When Rory McIlroy is on, no one can touch him.

Let's start with the obvious. For all of the peaks and valleys thus far in McIlroy's still-young career, one thing is apparent: when he finds his groove, he is unbeatable. Perhaps it's too early to debate whether McIlroy at his best could have challenged Tiger Woods at his -- Woods' body of work is still the standard -- but we're getting closer. McIlroy's driving prowess, his rhythm with the putter, his sublime bunker play -- they all help explain why the Northern Irishman has a proven knack for running out in front of the competition and never looking back. Unlike Woods, McIlroy hasn't quite mastered the art of gutting it out when he's fighting his swing. But give him time. At this point, he'll get there.
-- Sam Weinman
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