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Six Fixes For The Match Play

February 2014
With the WGC-Accenture Match Play in the final year of its current iteration, the event we all love has to get better going forward. The PGA Tour is to be commended for creating a match play event when everyone told them it was terrible for television, sponsors and players. Now too many great moments have occurred to just let it continue its descent into irrelevance. Going forward, these are ways to consider saving, and improving, an already fine tournament.
bandon dunes
Stay on the West Coast. With Accenture ending a great run as sponsor, the future of the event will be determined in large part by the company willing to put up $10-12 million for a sponsorship. While the needs of the sponsor are no doubt vital, the smart companies know that as nice as it is to entertain clients at a swank resort, real value comes from eyeballs. And a West Coast venue means later starting times and more opportunities to play into the evening hours on the East Coast at a time of year when televisions are tuned to golf.
Stephen Szurlej
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