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(More) Words From The Wise

March 26, 2012
We did something different with our annual Backspin Issue last year: allowing seven golf figures 65 or older to discuss their lives and careers in their words. It was a hit with Golf World readers, who appreciated the salute to golf history and the rich perspectives offered by those who had done and seen so much in their golf lives. During a time when instant updates are all the rage, sage reflections are an invaluable resource -- not only informative but sometimes just plain fun. We're pleased to present eight new subjects (accompanied by fine black-and-white photography) in this installment. As their wide-ranging views prove, the older you get, the more candid you often become. Here are some nuggets of insight that have been excerpted from the magazine. -- Bill Fields
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Sandy Tatum

Frank D. (Sandy) Tatum, 91, Lifelong Amateur

"When we played with that older equipment, we didn't know how difficult it made playing well. Even the sound of the game has lost its aesthetic flavor. Persimmon against balata was quite marvelous compared to what we get now with those huge hunks of metal at the end of the shaft. You can't go back, of course, but one can reminisce."
Thomas Broening
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