Fix the Chipping Yips
Short-game strategies

Fix the Chipping Yips

If you can't get rid of the yips, this might be the medicine you need. Here's a radical fix for a 12-handicapper with the chipping yips.

Short-Game | Lesson Tees

Golf instruction: Jim Flick - Chip like you putt
Jim Flick

Chip like you putt

You'll make crisper contact on your chips if you swing the club straight back.
Golf instruction: Hank haney - Bunker play
Hank Haney

Sandplay Strategy

Focus on setup: for bunker shots, lay the face open and play the ball off your left heel.
Golf instruction: Rick Smith - How to use a belly putter
Rick Smith

Belly Putters

How to use a belly putter without even switching putters. It's easier than you think...

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