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How To Do Everything In Golf

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How To Do Everything In Golf

Are you the guy who tries to fix his ball mark on the green but causes more damage in the process? Are you confused by when and when not to tip? The package that follows attempts to solve those little mysteries we confront on and off the course. What's the best way to care for your clubs? Is there a difference between practicing and warming up? What's the most tactful way to check your cellphone—if you have to—on the course? We often hear how golf can be intimidating, and that's before even hitting a shot. This comprehensive package seeks to chip away at that facade.

How to mark your ball

On-Course Basics

How to mark your ball

When you are on the green, you should mark your golf ball with a small coin or ball marker. Place the mark just behind your ball before picking up the ball. When it is your turn to putt, place the ball on the green in its original location before picking up the mark. If your mark is possibly in the way of a playing partner's putting line, ask if they want you to move it. If so, pick a tree or another standstill object to line your ball mark up with and move it a putter head or two to the right or left. Remember to return your ball to its original spot —not where you moved your mark — before putting.
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July 28, 2014

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