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Slug Your Slice

Throw an uppercut for control and power

Chris Como

Chris Como

Age: 35 | Lesson Rate: $225/hour
Facility: Gleneagles Country Club, Plano, Texas
Background: "My first golf job was in high school, working as a range picker at Westlake Golf Course in California. I quickly developed a curiosity about what makes the golf swing work. Fast forward to today, and I'm doing research and studying for my master's in biomechanics."
Best Lesson: "For a year, I taught a Japanese couple new to the U.S. They spoke very little English, so we had to use a variety of other ways to communicate. It taught me the value of flexibility and the willingness to try new teaching strategies."

March 2013

I like to study the golf swing in biomechanical terms, but for you it's better to have an athletic feel. Consider boxing: You want to swing with a tight uppercut motion (above, right), not a looping hook (left).

Players who slice throw their hands out and around on the downswing and leave their hips and lower body behind. Instead, thrust your belt buckle up and toward the target through impact--as your right shoulder turns through lower than your left--like an uppercut to the chin. Your upper back will tilt slightly away from the target at the finish. You might top a few shots at first because you're changing your swing shape, but you'll learn to hit a draw in no time.

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