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Get Your Game Ready For The Season

The 2015 golf season has officially begun, but are you ready?* Here are 14 things you can do to shake that rust off your game.

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April 2015
Jared Zak

1. Regain Your Touch

After a layoff, your feel for chipping and pitching can be slow to come back. Jared Zak, one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers, says break the motions down: "Think of the chip as a left-arm swing and the pitch as a right-arm swing." To practice chipping, Zak says, grip a wedge in your left hand only and make some swings feeling like the club is an extension of your left arm (shown), with your arm and the shaft lining up at impact. For pitching, swing right hand only and let your right arm fold going back and straighten coming down, the clubhead passing your right hand through impact. Try these one-handed drills, and you'll get your short game humming again in no time. --Peter Morrice
Photo by Dom Furore
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