'Just Gimme One Thing'

Try these quick tips from the PGA Tour when your game needs a boost.
J.B. Holmes

Widen Your Stance to Hit it Farther

I'm not a big believer in trying to swing with too many thoughts running through my head. I'd rather make adjustments in my setup and then just let it go. So if you want to know what I do when I need to hit a big drive, the adjustment is simple. I widen my stance. When you do this, you give yourself a more stable base to swing the club harder and faster without losing your balance.

Sean O' Hair

Tuck Your Glove to Swing in Sync

To groove a fluid golf swing, the arms and body should move in unison. It's called staying connected, and the best way to feel the connection between the arms and body is to bunch up your shirt under your right armpit and keep it bunched as you swing. You can also practice this by putting a golf glove under your right arm and swinging without letting the glove fall out.

Zach Johnson

Take it Back Slow to Improve Your Tempo

Most amateurs i see have poor tempo because they start their downswing before they've completed their backswing. They're in a rush to get back to the ball instead of allowing their body to load up before swinging down. To make a smooth swing, remember to take your time swinging the club back. Try to make your backswing twice as long in duration as your downswing.

Ryuji Imada

Reduce Your Wrist Hinge to Take Spin Off the Ball

Who doesn't want to see their ball take a couple of hops and then check up after hitting a bunker or pitch shot? But in many instances, it's much better to let the ball land and then roll toward the hole. Whenever I want to take spin off the ball when hitting a short shot, I don't hinge my wrists as much. This shallows my angle of attack and allows the ball to release once it hits the ground.

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