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Thomas Bjorn's beard is large and scary

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

We've got to congratulate Thomas Bjorn, because golfers generally keep things pretty conservative in the facial hair department. And as recently as the Scottish Open in July, Bjorn was among those many golfers operating fully inside the box.

But no more. Since then, the Dane has let his beard into this grizzly beast.

Here's his beard without a hat on.

And here it is trying to eat Thomas Bjorn's putter.

That's Thomas Bjorn chatting with Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, who looks like he's explaining his ambitions for the beard.

And finally, here he is this week at the European Tour's Made in Denmark event, where his beard shot an opening-round, five-under 66 to share the early lead.

Could this beard give the Europeans that key psychological edge at the Ryder Cup next month? Potentially. Tom Watson should tell his team to start growing . . . and fast.