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GIF: Jason Day hit his ball into a hazard, then went on an epic adventure to find it

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

It was an auspicious start to the third round of the PGA Championship for Jason Day. The Australian playing in the final pairing hit his drive really far left on the par-4 second hole, which was interesting in and of itself. But the subsequent sequence of events put that moment to shame.

At first, everybody thought Day's drive was lost, but he wasn't ready to give up that easy. He ditched his socks and shoes and waded across the fast moving river in search of his prize.

Announcer David Feherty was over on that side already (no one's really sure why), and gave Day a helping hand once he arrived.

Feherty helped him find his ball, but Day still needed a club to hit it with. That's when Jason's caddie stepped-in with this perfectly executed club toss.

Day's a strong guy, so he managed to hack his ball out of the really thick stuff and into the regular thick stuff to the right of the fairway.

Once that was done, he made the reverse journey back into civilization.

Most amazing of all: Day managed to save par on the hole to stay at eight under.