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Renegar builds off past success with Rx14 wedges

By Mike Stachura

By Mike Stachura

loop-renegar-wedge-518.jpgAt first glance, the appearance of the Renegar Rx14 wedges seems no different than that of the Rx12. On one hand, that's a good thing, because the distinctive cut-out sole design still offers the low leading edge and high center of gravity of the original. On the other hand, that's missing the rest of the story.

The Rx14 ($145) as deeper grooves that veteran designer Bob Renegar says increase spin by 3 percent. It's also cast from 303 stainless steel for a softer feel. Finally, the club's overall weight is 12 to 14 grams lighter.

But Renegar, whose work on the unique design dates to 1993, isn't done yet. Next up are plans for a new five-step forged version called the RxF that offers a completely custom-built four-wedge set matched for any number of parameters, including swingweight, static weight, length, balance point and lie angle.

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