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Full Swing makes simulator golf two steps: drop and hit

By Keely Levins

You know when you're hitting into a simulator, and a thousand other people have hit a thousand shots off it before you - but you can only hit off that one specific spot, because otherwise the simulator won't pick up your ball flight? On Wednesday at the PGA Merchandise Show, Full Swing Golf and Swing Catalyst announced the solution to this problem: ION 2 Vision Technology. 

swing catalyst.jpg
ION 2 Vision Technology uses a camera mounted on the ceiling above the hitting mat. The camera can notice the ball when its placed anywhere within about a two-foot diameter circle on the mat. Once the ball has been identified, the simulator automatically adjusts to the angle at which you're hitting into the simulator screen.  

Ian Poulter was an early adopter and now he has company; Hunter Mahan and Bill Haas both are now using Full Swing simulators. If you're as techy as these pros, all you have to do to get the ION 2 and the rest of the simulator set up is foot the $40,000 - $65,000 bill.