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Zion Williamson keeps destroying things, snaps golf club in two with mighty swing

September 13, 2019

Half-man, half-SUV Zion Williamson has already established a propensity to break things before his NBA debut. There was that poor backboard he took his frustration out on after Duke was knocked out of the NCAA Tournament, and of course, that infamous Nike shoe that exploded on him during a primetime game before Duke got knocked out of the NCAA Tournament (Did I mention Duke got knocked out of the NCAA Tournament?). So it shouldn't be too surprising that a golf club couldn't handle Zion's power. Still, it's a sight to behold.

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The following video comes from Zion's new team, the New York Knicks New Orleans Pelicans (sigh) who participated in some sort of golf outing on Friday. But Zion—a lefty on the course as well as on the court—stole the show with a swing that caused the head of an iron to snap off. Check it out:

Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry was particularly amazed. "He literally broke the club!" Yep. Even crazier? Someone else handed him another club.

Seriously, do NOT let this guy use your golf clubs. Actually, don't let this guy use any of your stuff. He is a walking, talking wrecking ball.

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