You've Seen Paula Creamer's Swing Aid In Middle School Shop Class

December 14, 2016

Paula Creamer put up this Instagram photo of herself hitting balls, with a swing aid I haven’t seen before. Ok, yes, I’ve obviously seen a 2x4 before, but I hadn’t seen it involved in a golf swing. To get an opinion on what Creamer was doing hitting balls standing on two pieces of wood, I talked to Jason Guss, one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers.

Guss went back and looked at some of her old swing videos to try and figure out what she’d be working on. “It looks like she used to have some right hip slide on the way back,” says Guss. “When your right hip slides, your hips don’t turn. When your hips don’t turn, your shoulders don’t turn.”

That’s where this drill comes in. If you’re standing on two 2x4’s, sliding isn’t an option. If you slide, you’re going to be off balance, and run the risk of toppling off the boards. Standing on the boards forces you to make a crisp, efficient turn. You’ll be penalized for any wasted motion.

“Her weight is more centered in this drill,” Guss says. “It’s helping her belt and chest turn. It’s a great way to have a centralized turn.”

Creamer is obviously feeling pretty good about the drill. Guss noted the hashtags in her post: #thathipturn #thatshoulderturn. Clearly she’s seeing progress she likes. Give the drill a try and you might, too.