Your one-week college football star of the week: Give it up for Alabama's third-best wide receiver

September 30, 2019
Mississippi v Alabama

Kevin C. Cox

Over the last few weeks, we've had a little fun with our one-week college football star of the week. For those that are new here, first of all, welcome, but secondly, what we do is pick someone each week who was the star of that particular week on the college football schedule. The person who made a social media splash. It could be a fan, a coach, a player, the guy who plays the music at the stadium, etc. More often than not, we want it to be something unique. We're not in the business of scouting NFL prospects or giving out Heisman power rankings, though Justin Fields still being 10/1 is ENTICING.

This week, there were plenty of intriguing candidates that didn't buckle up a chin strap, but unfortunately we'll have to get to them later. I know we said we're not in the scouting business, but we had no choice to give out our one-week college football star of the week award to DeVonta Smith, Alabama's third-best wide receiver.

The thing about being the third-best wide receiver on this Crimson Tide offense, though, is that still makes you one of the 10 best wide receivers in the entire country. After Saturday's performance against Ole Miss, Smith might even be among the top 5:

And to think, if Tua Tagovailoa hits him in stride at the 36 second mark in the clip above, Smith likely goes for six TDs and 310 yards, but he had to settle for 11/274/5. Ugh.

His five touchdowns tied an SEC single-game record, and broke Alabama's previous single-game record of three for a wide receiver. Smith's 274 yards were also a school record. The fact Smith is No. 3 behind Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III is absolutely terrifying for Bama's opponents. The offense has now scored 42 or more points in all five of its games, and it trails only UCF's offense in total yards and only Washington State's offense in passing yards. As for total points, Bama is at 259, just three behind Ohio State. How fitting is it that the year LSU finally figures it out on offense, Alabama is just going to outscore them? Life ain't fair in the SEC.

Honorable Mentions

That Cal student taking a swig of whiskey

Everyone made their jokes about the face he made post sip, but A. he didn't need a chaser and B. even if he did, we all make the same face after taking a swig of whiskey, chaser or no chaser. This kid is a champ, and I have nothing but respect for he and his buddies for getting that gigantic bottle into the game. Security isn't exactly on HIGH alert at Cal games, I guess.

Bumper Pool

As I stated on Twitter over the weekend, I was very upset to just find out about Bumper Pool's existence on Saturday morning (yes, I just posted my own tweet. Oh, what's that? You wanted to follow me @Cpowers14? Whoops, didn't mean to link my handle there. Sorry!). Hingle McCringleberry had a good run, but there is a new owner of the best name in all of football title, and it's Bumper Pool. Apologies to Pool and all who knew of Pool for just discovering him. After all, the kid already made Jeopardy! .... a YEAR ago:


Rich Rodriguez

I think everyone watching this game had the exact same reaction when this happened. "Wait, Rich Rodriguez is still coaching?" You bet your ass he is.