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You won't believe the mean prank Danny Willett's brothers played on him as a kid

Most of the world discovered Danny Willett and his brother PJ during the final round of the Masters. Willett for his incredible play under pressure at Augusta National, and PJ for his hilarious tweets about the tournament. Now there's more insight into the making of a green jacket winner from Danny's older brother. Much, much more.

PJ did a podcast with Callaway on Wednesday and boy did he bring the same entertainment value we saw from him on social media on Sunday. Actually, it turns out Twitter was really the only place where PJ could express himself since he and his wife Sarah were watching with their kids asleep upstairs.

"We're in the middle of a house renovation through a renovation (100 percent) so we've got no doors, so we weren't allowed to be loud. Every time I got emotional and swore into the air, Sarah got really cross with me," Willett told Callaway. "Just after (Jordan) Spieth went into the water, Cooper, my youngest, started making a bit of nice, and then Sarah swore me to silence, because that would be it. You know, 'Divorceville' if she had to go upstairs while Danny snuck on the green jacket."

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Fortunately, it never came to that. PJ said Danny will be paying for those renovations now that he won golf's richest prize, but he also made some good money off betting on his brother at 55-to-1 odds before the tournament. (Side note: I happened to bet Danny at 66/1 so, PJ, maybe you should check with me first next time. . . )

Most of the interview, however, focused on Danny growing up. PJ confirmed his parents smartly put a lot of money into Danny's golf career ("They ignored the rest of us," he joked.), and that something has changed in the last couple years. "He's turned into a bit of machine," PJ said. "He's full of himself. He thinks he's it now."

But it wasn't always that way. As the youngest of four brothers, Danny didn't always have it so easy. PJ told about a prank he and his brothers pulled on Danny when he was about 12. They made Danny go in the trunk of the car, and then pretended to get pulled over by a cop who angrily demanded to search the trunk. When they slowly opened the trunk, poor little Danny was curled up in fright.

"He was shivering with his eyes shut thinking he was about to be taken off by the feds . . . he was terrified," PJ recalled.

PJ also remembered the brothers playing football with a big group of friends on a daily basis, but Danny had another sport on his mind.

"This little 12-year-old kid would bring down his golf club and a ball and hit it backwards, and we were like, "What a loser," PJ said.

Of course, that "loser" turned out alright.

"Now we're desperate for him to be our friend and give us money."

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