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You weigh in on Feherty

May 16, 2009

David Feherty's questionable joke in D Magazine about American soldiers saving bullets for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, was followed not only by Feherty's apology, a commentary on by Ron Sirak, but also by lots of letters from you on the subject. A sampling: [#image: /photos/55adb510b01eefe207f8de5b]|||gwar01_0510feherty.jpg|||__

Dear Editor: I was pleased to see your reporting of David Feherty's article in D Magazine. I was disappointed, however, to see that David felt the necessity to apologize for repeating what was essentially a very old joke. David Feherty is a patriot and deserves our admiration and respect for his work to support our troops-- certainly more respect than the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader deserve for their work in Congress. P.J. Trimmer Birmingham, MI

__> __

Dear Editor, Kudos to David Faherty for his comments regarding Pelosi, Reid and bin Laden. My thoughts exactly! Even though it seems to be the opinion of many Americans, the media still chastises us for our "honest opinions" and wants us to bury our heads in the sand! Richard Arndt Drummond Island, MI

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Dear Editor, His last bike accident left a screw loose. Last year a major golf magazine quoted about 20 of our favorite golfers saying things like,"I hate all Democrats," The Bushes are like a part of our family,"  etc.  I know most golf pros can't read but Obama received about nine and one half million more votes than his opponent. The pros must think only Republicans can afford to play the game or go to the tournaments.  Dumb. Gene Sally Rancho Mirage, CA

__> Now, I would have expected the first two letters to come from Southern California and the third from Michigan. Goes to show how much I know.