You Need To Stop Moving Your Head During Your Swing. Lydia Ko Is Here To Help

December 12, 2016

Every golfer has been told at some point to keep their head still. It’s a great line to throw out there, because it kind of makes you sound like you know what you’re talking about. But if you’re on the receiving end of that big of advice, you’re probably thinking, Thanks a lot, bud. Easier said than done. That’s where this Lydia Ko drill comes in.

The drill requires two golf clubs, and one friend. If you have no friends, you’re going to have to go make at least one for this drill to work. Set up holding a club, like you’re going to hit a ball (but don’t have a ball in place). Have your friend, or brand new acquaintance, hold a golf club with the grip resting on your forehead. Take a swing, and feel if your head is moving against or off the grip. If you’re doing everything right, the pressure of the grip on your forehead won't change during the swing.

Take a few practice swings with the grip against your forehead, and then hit a few balls with it. Then have your friend step away, and hit some balls pretending like you can still feel the grip. Go back to the grip drill after a few shots, and slowly you’ll start to shift away from being a chronic head-mover.