You need these (or not): Playboy golf clubs

October 12, 2014

Finally, after all these years, we learn that Playboy was good for something other than the articles.

Here, via eBay is proof: Playboy golf clubs.


The seller claims this is one of only two sets ever made, hence his asking price. Bidding starts at $1,999. It might end there, too. There hasn't been a single bid yet and bidding ends Sunday.

Anyway, here's the story of the clubs, according to the seller:

"A widow sold them to me at a garage sale. Her husband was the golf pro at the playboy mansion. A different company wanted to produce and sell clubs with the PLAYBOY LOGO and produced 2 prototype sets. According to the widow, when Heffner [sic] saw them he shut them down for using the logo. The pro got to keep the clubs. The six iron was removed many years ago and lost. The rest of the set is in Mint Condition though the box is aged. I unwrapped the sand wedge for pictures but the rest, as far as I know has never been unwrapped from the original plastic. For a video visit you tube and search ultra rare playboy golf clubs."