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You can't come up with a more Rob Gronkowski story than the time he accidentally prank called Roger Goodell

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What's left to say about Rob Gronkowski? The guy has been retired for almost a year, and he's still making headlines every other week. He hung it up at age 29 and was still named in the NFL 100 back in December. His legacy exceeds his longevity because Gronk is the kind of guy that squeezes three seconds out of every one. No matter how you feel about the Patriots football Astros, we were lucky to witness an era of football that included him. That's what's left to say about Rob Gronkowski.

Of course, Gronk still has plenty left to say about Gronk, joining Pardon My Take on Monday with an untold doozy of a Gronk story loaded in the chamber. Remember that whole NFL 100 thing? Yeah, well apparently Roger Goodell called to congratulate him and Gronk, thinking it was a prank caller, decided to prank the pranker back. You really can't make this stuff up.

Here's the crux of the transcript in case you're reading this in a meeting like Gronk would.

Gronk: So, I get a phone call from New York and it's no caller ID. And I'm just sitting there, like, man, I don't want to answer this phone call. But, you know, I'm bored, I'm sitting there debating it, so I don't answer. So then it calls back again and I'm like, sure I'll answer, whatever. I'm gonna mess around. Let me mess around with this phone call. So I answer, and I'm like HELLLLOOOOOOO, WHO IS THIS??? (in a very high-pitched voice).

Roger Goodell: Hey Rob, this is Roger Goodell. Is this Rob Gronkowski?

Gronk: And I was like, "HELLLLOOOOOOO, HELLLLOOOOOOO," and I'm just thinking, man, this is why I don't answer people pranking me. People pranking me.

Rog: Rob, this is Roger Goodell. I'm looking for Rob Gronkowski.


Rog: Is Rob Gronkowski there?

Gronk: "HELLLLOOOOOO." And then I just hang up. And it ended up being him. And then I called him back, I called the office back that he told me to call. And he didn't bring up anything about that phone call.

Seriously is there anything more Gronk than accidentally prank calling the NFL commissioner? No, friends. No there is not. Sure, a joke about Goodell's $12,000 smart fridge running would really put it over the top, but Gronk beggars can't be Gronk choosers and to that we say Gronkitty Gronk Gronk Gronk.