You can have Tiger, I'll take Brian Eno

June 02, 2009

New South Wales' failed attempt to lure Tiger Woods to the Australian Open (he opted instead for the Australian Masters in Victoria) was no great loss, or so NSW Premier Nathan Rees would have his constituents believe. It may not have Woods, Rees says, but it does have former Roxy Music keyboardist Brian Eno coming to New South Wales.

"I'd much rather Brian Eno's work on display for the people of NSW for three weeks than Tiger Woods for three days," Rees said, according to [this report from Rohan Clarke of

Australian Golf Digest


Rees might want to re-think that. Clarke, citing a report from Ernst & Young, notes that Victoria stands to reap a $19 million economic windfall from bringing Woods to the Australian Masters in November.

"If the NSW Premier is happy to settle for a little-known musician at the expense of the world's leading sportsman," Clarke writes, "then it's fair to say Australian golf has done an ordinary job of promoting its economic and social benefits."

-- John Strege