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Winners only at regionals

February 11, 2007

Just got an e-mail from Mike Hermann, chairman of the NCAA Division I men's golf committee, confirming that the proposal requiring teams to have a .500 or better winning percentage versus Division I opponents in order to be considered for at-large selection into the NCAA regionals was approved this week at a meeting of the NCAA Championships and Competition Cabinet. The rule is to go into effect in the 2007-08 season.

As previously discussed here, the change in the criteria is not without its critics, particular many coaches at higher profile programs who suggest this will force them to alter their schedules and play in events with "weaker" fields in order to assure a .500 record by year's end. Still, as recently as last month when a straw vote was taken again at the Golf Coaches Association of America's annual meeting, and 68 out of 94 coaches said they were in favor of the measure, a majority of coaches think this is a reasonable requirement for playing in the post-season, particular considering there will be not regional allocations used to fill out the post-season fields next season as well.

More on this to come when I get some comments from coaches.