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William Murray Golf's first women’s collection features practical designs and fun patterns

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For William Murray Golf, creating golf apparel was always about making the game feel more approachable with fun, lighthearted clothing options. Now, the brand — which was created by comedian Bill Murray and his brothers — is continuing on this mission by launching their first ever women’s apparel collection.
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The women’s line includes a wide variety of performance wear, including polos, skirts, golf dresses, pullovers, hats, and a collection of spandex-blend shorts to wear under golf dresses and skirts. Like William Murray Golf's men’s clothing, the women’s collection features bright colors and unique patterns to make dressing up for a round of golf more entertaining. However, solid pieces are also mixed into the line so that golfers of all different style preferences have something to choose from. Each piece, particularly the polos and sleeveless shirts, are designed with a classic silhouette with bold color options to set the pieces apart.

The collection is highlighted by a few eye-catching designs that are influenced by the Murray family in a variety of ways. The “Knotty By Nature,” pattern points to the Murray family’s Irish heritage: in a deep green color, the “WM” initials are used to create a Celtic-inspired print. The “For Esteban” print, on the other hand, is a tribute to Bill Murray’s 2004 movie "The Life Aquatic" with Steve Zissou. The pattern features an animal print inspired by the beast who ate Murray’s co-star in the movie.

In addition to the eye-catching prints, the new collection also offers practical design elements necessary for the modern female golfer. The Louise Skirt includes built-in shorts and pockets, as well as a slightly longer hem at the back of the skirt for added coverage. The Murray Classic Polo dress is a versatile design with zip pockets. The dress does not have built-in shorts to allow for off-course wear, but the brand did create mini spandex-blend shorts in a variety of patterns to pair underneath the dress.
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With prices ranging from $45 to $128 the women's apparel line is available on williammurraygolf.com in sizes XS to XXL.