Why you should root for the NFL's worst team

October 15, 2013

After going a dismal 2-14 a year ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been even worse this season. Last week the team became the first four-touchdown underdog in the NFL's modern era (They wound up only losing by 16 to fall to 0-6. Yay!) and there's a distinct possibility they'll become the fifth winless team in league history.

If only NFL franchises could be built around kickers.

Josh Scobee certainly isn't to blame. As his teammates have gotten worse, he's performed even better making more than 90 percent of his field goal attempts the past two seasons and starting this year a perfect 7 of 7.


He also happens to be a fantastic golfer (A plus-3 handicap), so when he held a Twitter Q&A during the Monday Night Football game this week, not surprisingly, a lot of the questions centered around his other main sporting interest. Here's a sampling:

"@Jwhite1223: @JoshScobee10 what's your lowest round in golf ?"- 62 (-10)

-- Josh Scobee (@JoshScobee10) October 15, 2013

"@bunjaminn: @JoshScobee10 what's your favorite course you've played at?"-Augusta National or Cypress Point. #namedropper

-- Josh Scobee (@JoshScobee10) October 15, 2013

"@TRudy831: @JoshScobee10 Single favorite golf hole you've played?"-number 13 at Augusta

-- Josh Scobee (@JoshScobee10) October 15, 2013

"@MarkFrisch10: @JoshScobee10 How fun was Cypress?? #breezy"-haha what wind? #icanthearanything

-- Josh Scobee (@JoshScobee10) October 15, 2013

"@JagsFan_Brian: @JoshScobee10 Least favorite golf course to play at in Duval?"-dont have a least favorite. I love golf

-- Josh Scobee (@JoshScobee10) October 15, 2013

"@B_renton: @JoshScobee10 Would you rather win the Super Bowl or The Masters?"-SB

-- Josh Scobee (@JoshScobee10) October 15, 2013

"@cbuck11185: @JoshScobee10 u have a 1-iron in the bag?"-no I'm not ben hogan, this is the 90's

-- Josh Scobee (@JoshScobee10) October 15, 2013

While he may have the wrong decade, we found his answers amusing and his attitude about golf in general to be great. Scobee is in the second year of a four-year contract that could pay him nearly $14 million. To kick a football. That's enough money to make a lot of pro golfers jealous of his job.

Of course, Scobee's golf game isn't too shabby, either. A 62?! He may prefer a Super Bowl ring to a green jacket, but with the current status of the Jaguars, the latter option might actually be more realistic.