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Why build a golf memorabilia collection when you can buy one?

Tour caddies usually collect a salary plus 10 percent of a winners check, but 15-year looper Scott Watts collected more -- a vast collection of memorabilia, ranging from tournament-used bags to signed balls, flags and gloves.

If you've always dreamed of toting your clubs in one of Jack Nicklaus' (or Hugh Baiocchi's) old bags and impressing the rest of your foursome with an autographed, tournament-worn shoe from Arnold Palmer, you should head over and look at the eBay listing.

Watts is asking $125,000 for the entire collection, which seems like a steal when you consider that it includes the compete caddie uniform Watts wore when he looped for Tommy Aaron at the 1993 Masters, along with the bag and yardage book he carried.

A video with the listing gives a quick preview of some of the 43 staff bags and other memorabilia in the collection.