While your coach is out recruiting, Les Miles is getting pulled behind an ATV on a sled

December 18, 2019
Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 9.41.36 AM.png

Les Miles is cut from a different cloth. He's like Lane Kiffin, only successful. While the likes of Saban, Urban, and Dabo ruled college football with iron fists and iron frowns, the Mad Hatter was out there eating grass, trying to get his big break in both literal and figurative La La Land. When Miles took the head coaching job at Kansas last year, the entire college football world raised a collective eyebrow. Why would the man who once led little old LSU to the national championship game take over one of the worst programs in FBS? Well, just for the thrill of it of course.

But after awhile (and a 3-9 season including a 12-7 loss to Coastal Carolina) even the thrill can die, which is why on Tuesday, Miles slapped on the Gascans, hopped on a sled tethered to an ATV, and proceeded to get towed around Kansas Memorial Stadium with nothing between the ground and his brain but a piece of government plastic. Ladies and gentleman, we give you the real Les Miles.

Now time for a requisite pop-culture reference!

Whether Les is the Eddie or Clark in this scenario, remains unclear. Personally we think Coach O is the one true Eddie, but to each their own. Either way, we look forward to Miles' white-knuckle sledding exploits becoming an annual holiday tradition. Lord knows it could be awhile until he has a bowl game to scheme for . . .