Where in the world are Emiliano Grillo's golf clubs? (Seriously, he needs them for the Olympics)

August 08, 2016

Where in the world are Emiliano Grillo's golf clubs? Seriously, he'd like to know. And he needs to know fast.

Grillo, coming off a T-13 at the PGA Championship, is representing Argentina in this week's Olympics. But the 23-year-old rising star arrived in Rio on Sunday ahead of his equipment. And now panic is starting to set in. Not that we blame him.

New York. Miami. Sao Paolo. That's a lot of ground to cover.

Grillo's nightmarish travel day did have one bright spot: pizza.

But seriously, the guy needs his clubs by Thursday's opening round -- and preferably, sooner. It's sad that an airline's mistake could be Grillo's biggest obstacle to winning a gold medal. So if you happen to see these (sweet headcovers, by the way), please let someone know:

UPDATE: As of Monday evening, Grillo is still without his clubs. And still tweeting in hope of being helped. There was this update:

A poll:

And a joke:

Humor is the best medicine, Emiliano. Hang in there.

UPDATED (Part II): He's got them! And with a couple days to spare.