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Whatever you do, stay off the golf course

April 07, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- In the "less is more" department, consider the practice routines of players today -- which, essentially, is to not practice.

Tiger Woods stayed off the golf course. Anthony Kim played a mere five holes. Even Jack Newman, an amateur who I believe by Masters law is supposed to squeeze every ounce of daylight out of his trip here, said practice today would likely be counterproductive.

Has the entire Masters field gone Allen Iverson on us? ("We're talking about practice....")

Not exactly. But when you consider that a) Augusta National currently feels like downtown Fargo and that b) temperatures are (hopefully) going to reach more manageable levels by time the tournament starts, there is a sense that the course players are seeing today is not going to resemble the one they'll play on Thursday.

Hence a lot of players are opting for the range or even the friendly confines of the grill room over the actual course.

"I'm not really going to learn a whole lot," Woods said.

Sure, that's what they're saying. Or maybe they all just packed the wrong clothes.

-- Sam Weinman