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What happens when your car gets hit by a golf ball?

June 04, 2015

There's a lot to be said for strategically parking your car at a golf course. If a hole runs along the parking lot, for example, you probably want to steer clear of spots right up against that hole to help prevent your car from getting hit.

Reddit user ThirdeyeV2 found a photo of someone's car that was not parked strategically. From the looks of it, the ball went through the headlight covering and came to rest in the headlight. Ironically, the ball has an Allstate logo on it.


Obviously, first thought is that this photo was staged. Hopefully it's not, because it's hilarious. But, fake or not, it does open the question of what happens when your car gets hit by a golf ball, and what if the hack that hit your car doesn't leave a note?

According to an agent at Allstate, golf balls qualify under "fallen objects." So, if the guy whose car got hit was actually covered by Allstate, and had comprehensive coverage, he'd be covered. This coverage comes along with the use of his deductible.

Moral of the story: Don't park your car in a spot where you think it could get hit. And try your best to not be the guy that hits balls into parking lots.