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Best Golf Gifts 2019: What Golf Digest editors want this holiday season

December 09, 2019

The holiday season is in full swing and while you cross people off on your list, ours keeps growing as we discover more products. We've all received the usual lineup of undesirable golf gifts—golf bag desk decor, generic boxes of golf balls and golf books we've already read. Surprise your favorite hacker this year with one of these golf gift ideas. We gathered the holiday wish lists at the Golf Digest offices to help you buy for even the most discerning golfers in your life. All products featured on Golf Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

"Traveling to golf tournaments is one of the joys—and sometimes frustrations—of my job. Whatever I can do to eliminate the latter is preferable, and I’ve found a versatile, easy-to-transport suitcase helps a great deal with this. I need something sturdy, something that moves easily on wheels, and something that I can get into any airplane’s overhead bin. The Away seems to check all those boxes. Plus, the built-in battery to help charge a phone makes it an even more useful companion on the road." —Ryan Herrington, Managing Editor, GolfDigest.com
Available at awaytravel.com
BUY NOW: $225

"I tend to keep things for a long time. Like a really long time. But this past year the rain pants I’ve had for over a decade gave up the ghost when a zipper broke—yes, that zipper. As such, I need the little ol’ driver so lively and quick to bring me Under Armour’s Storm GORE-TEX Paclite rain pants. In addition to keeping me dry and warm from the elements, the pants feature Velcro side adjusters on the waistband for a good fit, 11-inch leg zips and, according to the UA website a “working fly” (thank goodness). Now, $250 for a pair of rain pants isn’t cheap, but hey, I’m worth it and I’m going to keep those suckers for a decade. But if that’s a little steep for you, Santa, you can always use some of my pro shop credit." —E. Michael Johnson, Equipment Editor
Available at underarmour.com
BUY NOW: $250

"Every golfer needs an all-purpose blue blazer. With a pair of khakis and a tie, it’ll get you in any clubhouse in the world. The beauty of this Curious Traveler Sport Coat by Orvis is that you can roll it up in the bottom of your travel bag, and it still looks smart and fashionable on you. The fabric is high-tech, water repellent, stretchable and loaded with pockets. I wouldn’t leave my home course without it." —Jerry Tarde, Editor-in-Chief
Available at orvis.com
BUY NOW: $265

"The aches and pains of sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours+ a day are real. Most of you can sympathize. And those knots and tight spots affect your golf game. My shoulder mobility is lacking as it is, and I find my back and neck so tight after a week of work. When it's time for the weekend, you need to make sure your muscles are ready for golf. We have a Theragun G3 in the office, and it has been such a game-changer. I can't recommend it highly enough. I'll even bring it home with me on the weekend (it's like bringing the class pet home on the weekends), and I've lugged it on a handful of buddies golf trips this year. It fits nicely in my travel golf bag, so I have it in case traveling takes a toll on the body. For anyone debating percussive therapy, you need to try it. You will not regret it." —Stephen Hennessey, Associate Editor

"I've been pining after the 2020 McLaren GT, but I'm not sure that'll fit under the tree and that $250,000 price tag is a little steep. For an easier-to-wrap gift, I've got to have these over the ear headphones from Bose. The seemingly-endless battery life (20 hours) and awesome noise-cancelling technology is exactly what I need for the office, my commute and on the range." —Mason Leverington, Producer Available at bose.com
BUY NOW: $350

"Coffee is a key component to my golf game. Early tee times require it! I love the methodical ritual of making coffee at home. But since my coffee maker sits out on my counter all day, I don’t want it to look like an office coffee maker, I want it to look like it fits in my kitchen. And this ceramic French Press by Yield is the coolest-looking coffee pot I’ve seen. How could I have a bad round if I start the day making my coffee in this?" —Keely Levins, Associate Editor
Available at food52.com
BUY NOW: $120

“Most of the courses I play don’t look askance at those who change their shoes in the parking lot. Nonetheless, I prefer wearing my golf shoes from home to the course and back. When I first read about the FootJoy Flex XP I was sold, for their look, weight, and, yes, their flexibility. I might even wear them around the neighborhood.” — John Strege, Contributing Editor
Available at footjoy.com
BUY NOW: $110

“Arnold Palmer was one of my favorite players, and this iconic photo of him with his persimmon wood brings some much-needed character to the stark white walls of my New York City apartment. It’s the perfect gift for the golfer who has everything, and since it’s a limited run of only 25 you know it won’t be hanging in your buddy’s place too. Finally, you can bring your love of golf home for the holidays with this vintage style print from Lie + Loft.” —Maddi MacClurg, Assistant Editor, Digital Instruction
Available at select.golfdigest.com
BUY NOW: $75

"Being on the social media team at Golf Digest means I'm always looking at my computer or phone—even when I'm on the course! Protecting my eyes from harmful blue light and UV rays is extremely important and these sunglasses from Electric Eyewear block both. Plus, they're super stylish so I can wear them on and off the golf course."—Nicole Rae, Social Media Manager
Available at electric.com
BUY NOW: $120

"Between trips to Europe and outings with friends and family, I have a ton of pictures that never see the light of day. It’d be nice to put them on display before I have people over for the Super Bowl. Plus I’m a sucker for nostalgia." —Jon Jacobino, CRM Manager
Available at walmart.com
BUY NOW: $70

"I like things that show craftsmanship from talented people and aren’t like a lot of what you might see. I’ve rotated Patrick Gibbons cash covers out for the last few years. Extra bonus: my wife and kids are creeped out by the alligator skin and won’t touch it." —Matthew Rudy, Senior Writer
Available at patrickgibbonshandmade.com

Tom Valdez Photography

"During the offseason the first part of my game to leave my bag is always putting. Indoor golf practice facilities usually lack in the short game department, making it difficult to cure short game woes. That's why I've got my eye on Birdie Ball. The personalized putting green keeps your stroke smooth through the winter and easily tops my list of must haves this holiday season. A customizable, authentic, true rolling, putting green. Need I say more? Birdie Ball allows you to not only pick the dimensions of the putting green guaranteeing a perfect fit to any sized space, but also allows you to customize the stimp." —Daria Delfino, Executive Assistant
Available at birdieball.com

"Most golf decor is uninspired, which is why nearly every public clubhouse in America has a photo of Swilken Bridge, or Jack piercing the sky at Augusta. For those looking for a bit more pizazz and originality for their living room or man cave, look no further than the beautifully-demented mind of Matt Landers. The Englishman brought to life a series of the game’s legends through the prism of “old masters” paintings, bestowing us such gems as Phil Mickelson in “Laughing Calf-alier” and a Tiger Woods rendition of “Napoleon Crossing the Alps” (simply called “To Augusta.”) Put your neighbor’s selfie at Pebble Beach’s seventh to shame with one of these bad boys under the tree." —Joel Beall, Staff Writer
Available at mattlandersart.co.uk

"As a New York City resident sharing a 400-square-foot apartment, I don’t have much space to take practice swings. That’s why I’m asking Santa for the ExPutt Putting Simulator: a compact, virtual putting green that takes up only as much room as your stroke. Plus, it plugs right into your TV, so no extra equipment needed." —Michael Sneeden, Supervising Producer
Available at exputt.myshopify.com

"I'm in the market for a new pair of golf shoes and I love the classic white look with an athletic feel of these kicks. It'll be a few months before it's warm enough to play again but hopefully I can wear these out on the course when spring arrives." —Claire Rogers, Social Media Coordinator
Available at footjoy.com
BUY NOW: $90