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Best Golf Gifts 2021: What Golf Digest editors want this holiday season

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December 14, 2021

The holiday season is in full swing and while you cross people off on your list, ours keeps growing as we discover more products. We've all received the usual lineup of undesirable golf gifts—golf bag desk decor, generic boxes of golf balls and golf books we've already read. Surprise your favorite hacker this year with one of these golf gift ideas. We gathered the holiday wish lists at the Golf Digest offices to help you buy for even the most discerning golfers in your life.
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"Two picks that won’t break the bank. CBS Sports’ Kyle Porter has put together a book on the year in golf. It’s charming, nimble, astute and introspective; it’s like having a spirited conversation with a friend remembering all the crazy things that happened in the game in 2021, only if your friend was one of the best writers in sports." —Joel Beall, Senior Writer

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"The second holiday gift idea is a visit to Golf Print Studios, where you can find minimalist and travel poster designs of some of your favorite holes around the world. And in case any of my family members happen to be reading this, the 10th at Royal Dornoch print would be a mighty fine addition to the work desk." —J.B.

"I’ve had my eyes on these shoes for so long. Per reviews, they're super comfortable and the perfect in-between golf shoe to wear from the course into the clubhouse. I’m loving the casual golf look lately and these shoes would be a great addition to any casual-yet-stylish golf ensemble."—Christina Parsells, Social Media Coordinator


"These alignment sticks would make a great gift for a range of golfers. Improvement-focused golfers will get a lot of use out of these during range sessions, stylish golfers will appreciate how they look in the bag and everyone will love the uniqueness of the hickory and customizable options." —C.P.

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"If you play cold-weather golf, you have go-to layering options. But fleece-lined pants are a game-changer. A friend who plays year-round in the Northeast recommended these and I was hooked. I haven’t found a traditional golf apparel company who makes a pair, but Eddie Bauer’s bottoms are geared toward those who work outdoors in the cold. That’s good enough for me." Steve Hennessey, Deputy Managing Editor

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"After this chaotic year, I will definitely be taking a few trips. It would be great to get a few of these to keep track of my stuff. They clip to your belongings, then virtually connect to your phone, where you can see the location of the items on a map or play a sound to the tag to help find it." —Jon Jacobino, CRM Manager

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“I love to travel but hate airports. A Clear Membership makes the airport security process a little less stressful, and it is an unexpected gift idea they’ll appreciate the next time TSA lines are wrapped around the building.” —J.J.


"It’s hard to admit, but taking swing videos of myself is an integral part of my routine when I’m practicing and trying to improve my swing. This handy phone clip attaches to an alignment stick for an easy recording process. It’s way more subtle than carrying around a tripod and eliminates the need to ask a stranger to record you on the range."—Gabby Herzig, Contributing Editor

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"I’ve had my eye on this teddy-sherpa jacket for a while—it’s sleek but cozy at the same time. The stretch-lined design gives it enough flexibility for on-course wear, but it’s also casual enough to transition to any everyday outfit."—G.H.

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"This is not something you should complain about, but I played more golf than ever this past season, which proved challenging beyond the fact I didn't get much better. It's also because now that I've added a few miles under the proverbial hood, I notice I'm more prone to feel every swing and uphill climb in the hour and days after I play. There's only so much Advil a man can take, which is why this year, I'm breaking down and acknowledging I need my own masseuse. If it can't be an actual person, I'll settle for one of those fancy Theraguns that can help me work out the assorted kinks, and won't even judge me when I want to complain at length about my short game."—Sam Weinman, VP and Digital Editor

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"OK, I’ll admit it. A few years ago I made my first-ever purchase of golf shoes from Costco. They were Cobra Ignites, and I couldn’t believe what a steal they were, price-wise. Better yet, they quickly became my favorite golf shoes of all-time because they are so comfortable. I walk rounds quite a bit, and my feet and legs are never sore with these. After playing, I don’t feel like a golf nerd wearing them for dinner, or the grocery store or, yes, shopping at Costco. As happens with Costco, the Ignites were a one-time deal, and as a creature of habit I’m currently on my second pair of all-black Ignites that I bought at my local golf store. Now I have my eye on the Ignite Fasten8 “Navy Blazer” and “Puma Silver” color combo that I think looks really sharp. As long as Puma keeps making ‘em, I’ll keep buying ‘em."—Tod Leonard, Senior Editor, News

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"This sleek duffle from Dagne and Dover is the perfect gift for someone who’s always on the go. It comes in a variety of size and color options to find the right fit for all the essentials—it's a simple way to elevate trips to the course, gym and everywhere in between." —Maddi MacClurg, Assistant Editor

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"Putting well is such a confidence boost. Unfortunately, feel is the first thing to go (and seems like the last to come back) during the winter, so being able to roll some putts and still be attached to my putter would be a massive help to my game once it gets warmer."—Jared Goldstein, Producer/Editor

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"I've been eyeing this company for a while and have yet to buy anything from them, so if I'm on your list, take a click on over to Krimson and Klover. While looking at their site, I find myself thinking 'Oh I'd wear that' to just about every sweater available, but the Alpine Alley Half-Zip Sweater really caught my eye. The retro styling is cute without being over the top, and the wool blend fabric will keep me nice and toasty during chilly rounds."—Keely Levins, Staff Writer

"I don't think I've worn earrings more than twice since my husband and I had our first child back in March. Those two times I tried, little fingers went straight for my shining ear lobes. My thinking is that if I got a pair of earrings that were quite small and lay flat against my ear, like these studs from Maison and Miru, then little baby fingers wouldn't be able to try to pull them out of my ear. I also don't like the feeling of wearing hoops or bigger earrings while playing golf, but I'd play in a pair of small studs like these." —K.L.

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"Do I really need another golf skirt? Probably not. But I love the striped styling and pleated back on this skirt. The stretchy, performance fabric makes it easy to move in and there are pockets—which I'm always appreciative of. I also like that Renwick was created and is run by a pair of sisters, so buying from them is supporting a women-owned business"—K.L.

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“I go through gloves really quickly and have been looking for a way to store them between rounds in hopes of getting a little more life out of each glove. This glove holder from Uther is on my list because it can accommodate four gloves divided sections to keep each sealed up and laying flat, so they don’t become crinkled messes at the bottom of a pocket in the golf bag.” Pat Andrews, Audience Development


“Cayce Golf is a brand I always find myself when looking for gift ideas or making my holiday wish list. This cigar-themed driver cover has a whimsical design, but will seriously protect clubs with its thick fur liner and an exterior that’ll protect from sun damage, moisture, mildew and debris.”—Will Fullerton, Associate Producer

“I already bought this set for myself, but would recommend these two accessories for any golfer or techy person. The MagSafe Tripod Mount will hold an iPhone securely without any scratches or wobbles. It’s a universal mount that will connect to any tripod or grip. On the course, I connect it to the Grifti Quick Release Clamp which is attached to my golf bag to essentially make my golf bag a tripod for swing vidoes or snap a quick photo of my foursome post-round.”—W.F.


“I already bought this set for myself, but would recommend these two accessories for any golfer or techy person. The MagSafe Tripod Mount will hold an iPhone securely without any scratches or wobbles. It’s a universal mount that will connect to any tripod or grip. On the course, I connect it to the Grifti Quick Release Clamp which is attached to my golf bag to essentially make my golf bag a tripod for swing vidoes or snap a quick photo of my foursome post-round.”—W.F.


“As my fiancé gets more into golf, her holiday golf wish list is growing. This year she’s got Asher’s women’s golf gloves at the top of her list and after checking them out, I added a men’s version to my list, too. Asher’s gloves are made with a quality Cabretta leather and come in a ton of fun colors and patterns to fit any golfer’s on-course look.”—W.F.

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“I’m on the taller side and it can be so difficult to find a golf skirt with the right length that is still stylish, flattering and with all the performance quality you need to play golf in it. This 17-inch skirt is perfect. It has a curved hem that gives it a feminine touch, a comfortable elasticized waist and attached interior shorts that are more comfortable than the average golf skirt short.” —Meredith Bausback, Sr. Director of Marketing and Audience Development

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“A versatile golf shoe is always high on my wish list. These sneaker-like golf shoes are part of a True Linkswear X Foray Golf collaboration that came out this fall. It features the Queen of Clubs on the bottom and simple-yet-stylish black-and-white details across the midsole and upper. I also love the leatherette shoe tote that comes with it.”— Nicole Rae, Sr. Manager, Audience Development & Marketing

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