We’re searching for the best golf-fitness trainers in America

November 13, 2019

Fitness. It was once an afterthought—if considered at all—but now it’s a main part of the conversation when discussing improved performance on the golf course. Players looking to hit the ball farther, power the ball out of the rough, and maintain high levels of energy throughout the golf season know that it comes with a little sweat and tears (hopefully not blood) in the gym.

With that in mind, we’re on the search for the 50 Best Golf-Fitness Trainers in America. This is your chance to let Golf Digest know what you’ve done to help golfers near you play better, feel better and avoid injuries. The criteria to make the list is fairly straightforward: You must be a full-time golf-fitness trainer that anyone can see on a regular basis for sessions. If your background is medical, or if you spend the majority of time working with professional golfers, college teams, or are not easily accessible to the general public, you are not eligible for this list.

We want to identify trainers that help everyday golfers get better.

If that sounds like what you do, please send us an electronic resume to It will be evaluated by a panel of expert advisors in the golf-fitness world, and if they think you’re qualified, your name will appear in Golf Digest’s first issue of 2020. The deadline to submit is Nov. 29.