Wellness Wednesday: The male vs female diet

February 09, 2011

Every Wednesday, we're going to ask experts to shed light on the latest fitness, nutrition and gear trends for women golfers. Our question this week is, how should a female's on-course diet differ from a male's?

Amanda Carlson-Phillips, Vice President of Nutrition and Research at Athletes' Performance and Core Performance, has the answer:

Female golfers don't necessarily need different foods and drinks from our male counterparts, but since we tend to overlook protein more than they do, we don't get the complete nutrition that our body and mind need to perform on the course. The key to staying energized and focused on the course is to make sure your snacks combine high-fiber carbohydrates, lean protein and a healthy fat. An example of snacks that provide long-lasting energy? A small handful of walnuts combined with an apple, or half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Be sure to consume two of these snacks per round, one each nine.