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Weird Golf News Of The Week: Teens trash California course, don't get away with it

January 29, 2014

OK, so maybe teens taking golf carts and tearing up a course isn't that weird, but this case was a little extreme. According to KFSN, three teens, aged 14-16, were arrested for breaking into the cart barn at Yosemite Lakes Park Golf Course in Fresno, Calif. The kids damaged the course by driving carts all over, but their mischief didn't stop there.

The report said the kids severely damaged three carts and a fourth one is still missing. Having broken in through a side door, they rammed golf carts into the main garage door until they smashed through. Then they stole security cameras and burned them to conceal evidence they had been there. So how were they caught?

"While they managed to steal the cameras, they didn't manage to demolish the video so the video was there, captured all three committing the crime," said Erica Stuart of the Madera County Sheriff's Department.

Whoops. Are kids not watching crime shows these days? Now the trio may face felony charges for vandalism, burglary and arson.